In Mining, Oil & Gas sector, factors such as temperature resistance, resistance to corrosive material and reliable explosion protection are extremely significant.

In mines where flammable minerals/materials are extracted, there can also be a risk of explosions because small particles of the extracted products come in contact with air and certain particles would lead to rapid combustion.

Electrical equipments intended for such industries where the atmosphere, in addition to firedamp, may contain significant proportions of other flammable gases (i.e. other than methane), are constructed and tested as per the requirements relating to Group I and also to the subdivision of Group II corresponding to the other significant flammable gases.

Explosion-proof cable glands are tested according to IEC 60079 series and are approved to be used in mining applications.

Moreover, all parts have to be corrosion, vibration-resistant: Cable glands are often applied in outdoor and offshore areas.
This is why Controlwell has ATEX approved cable glands in its range. As the usage of automation is increasing in the oil and gas industry, the demand for EMC cable is also steadily increasing.

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