Heavy Duty Connectors Accessories

In this age of high technology, it has become imperative to speed up control and power wiring in the field. Controlwell’s range of Heavy Duty Connectors facilitates just that. Once the wires are terminated into the male & female inserts made of polycarbonate and housed in their respective enclosures these connectors are ready for Plug N’ Play applications. To ensure ruggedness of these connections along with speed, the inserts are housed in epoxy-polyester powder coated, aluminum die casted enclosures with single or double locking systems. With ratings up to 80 A, 500 V and IP65 environmental protection, these Heavy Duty Connectors are the final word in new age field wiring.

Additional Features:
– Fully Captive Screws
– Monoblock metal levers for prolonged life without damage.
– Riveted pegs in stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
– Innovative design of enclosures for improved aesthetics and functionality.
– Fully cross compatible with other makes.
– UL, CSA and CE Mark approved electrical inserts
– RoHS compliant