Design A Flange

The Design – A – Flange system is a new and unique concept in which you can have the ease of choosing from a combination of frames and modular inserts to create you very own customized flange for control panels and junction boxes.
The Fiberglass re-enforced Polypropylene Inserts are very rigid and carry soft TPE, push-out membrane seals of various sizes good enough to accommodate wire sizes ranging from 4 mm to 50 mm dia. The push out membranes ensures that an IP65 grade protection level is achieved.
Frames are available in two sizes FL21 and FL13 which can accommodate a combination of inserts. Once the inserts are assembled together and inserted into the frame they lock on to the frame and to each other ensuring that a very rigid patented Flange system is created with IP 65 grade protection.

In case kink-protection is required for cables so that the weight of the cables to do stress the connections (inside the panel) the membranes can be easily cut out and replaced with either high protection class grommets or with cable glands.