Apart from the automation segment, Controlwell India operates as a supplier in numerous industry segments. The range of products for the railway/transport industry involves conduits and multipole industrial connectors for the routing and interconnection of electrical cables inside of cabins or in-between wagons. Primary requirements of the railway industry are formulated in the norms DIN […]

Factory Automation

A part of Factory Automation is the Internet of Things creating a growing need for more data exchange over sophisticated, high-performance networks. Products like cable glands, conduits, EMC glands are the preferred choice for vulnerable and hazardous applications. These products are used for communication and control operation of the devices and components in modern industrial […]

Power & Energy

Controlwell’s product range consists of Cable Glands, EMC Glands, Multipole Industrial Connectors, Conduits and Junction Boxes that are preferred for power and energy sector. These products are typically used on equipment related to machinery and instrumentation in fossil fuel-based power plants, nuclear power plants and renewable forms of power supply such as offshore and onshore […]

Mining/ Oil & Gas

In Mining, Oil & Gas sector, factors such as temperature resistance, resistance to corrosive material and reliable explosion protection are extremely significant. In mines where flammable minerals/materials are extracted, there can also be a risk of explosions because small particles of the extracted products come in contact with air and certain particles would lead to […]

Marine Application & Ship Building

Marine and Shipbuilding are often exposed to sea salt abrasion, UV, wind and rain all of which can cause corrosion and damage to equipment, components and materials. Controlwell has a range of cable protection systems designed to protect cables and wires against mechanical, chemical and/or thermal failure as well as conduits and fittings that provide […]

Machine builder

Protection system on machines and equipment used in today’s modern manufacturing facilities need to provide aesthetically appealing cable management with excellent mechanical strength in both dynamic and static applications. Controlwell’s product range is flexible, abrasion-proof, oil- and chemical resistant and maintains their performance when exposed to a wide range of applications. Our Offerings: Cable Glands […]

Panel Building

Controlwell India offers products for control panel applications — from cable glands, Conduits and Multiway strip connectors— a complete range of solution that meets all your industrial connection needs. Whether you need to protect, connect and simplify your wiring connections against environmental hazards, corrosive agents or to maintain a sterile environment, we provide you with […]