Company Introduction

With over a decade of experience, Controlwell today is reckoned as the leading distributor of quality Cable Protection and Management products in India. Over the years we have expanded our product range to be a one-stop solution for all industrial connection requirements.

Our Product Range Consists of the following groups

All products are internationally approved and have received certifications like UL, VDE, CSA and CE which helps in catering various industrial verticals such as Automation Industry, Panel Building, Machine builder, Transportation, Elevator, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Ship Building, Mining, and Marine Applications. Also, international approvals enable Controlwell’s customers to freely export their final products to destinations such as Europe and the U.S.

A part of Connectwell Group, Controlwell reaches you through a team of highly dedicated marketing personnel and an excellent network of dealers. To ensure the highest levels of service we ascribe special attention to systems and hence all our processes are handled through the SAP R/3 system and now adhere to ISO 9001:2015 norms.