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The 2nd generation EMC cable glands have contact leaves fixed to the gland body in such a manner than when the cable is made to enter the glad they allow for an easy entry by opening up with the push force of the cable. Once the cable is in position the spring action of the contact leaves ensures that a proper contact is made with the braiding ensuring that integrity of the electromagnetic shielding is maintained. The 3rd generation EMC cable glands offer an advantage that as the glad is tightened the contact force exerted on the braided portion of the cable also increases, this leads to a lower contact resistance. Also the wider gap between the contact leaves allows for an easier insertion and removal of the cable.

  Material Brass, Nickel Plated  
  Clamping Insert Polyamide 6 V2  
  Contact Spring Special Copper Alloy  
  Sealing Ring CR-Chloroprene Rubber  
  O Ring Perbunan (NBR)  
  Protection Class IP 68-5 Bar  
  Temperature Range -20° C to +100° C Continuous, -40° C to +150° C Intermittent  
  Attachment Threads Pg-DIN 40430  
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