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The Design – A – Flange system is a new and unique concept in which you can have the ease of choosing from a combination of frames and modular inserts to create you very own customized flange for control panels and junction boxes. The Fiberglass re-enforced Polypropylene Inserts are very rigid and carry soft
TPE, push-out membrane seals of various sizes good enough to accommodate wire sizes ranging from 4 mm to 50 mm dia. The push out membranes ensure that an IP65 grade protection level is achieved. Frames are available in two sizes FL21 and FL13 which can accommodate a combination of inserts. Once the inserts are assembled together and inserted into the frame they lock on to the frame and to each other ensuring that a very rigid patented Flange system is created with IP 65 grade protection.

  Material Fiberglass re-inforced Polypropylene and TPE - Halogen Free UL approved materials  
  Colour RAL 7035 (Light Grey)  
  Protection Class IP 65  
  Temperature Range -20 Deg. C to + 125 Deg. C  
  Test Standards EN 60526:1991 + A1, EN 60670-1:2005  
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